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Hot Latin Dance teaches you salsa now via
L E V E L   3   Fast and easy
The Salsa Seduction DVD - intermediate - Advanced Level
                          DVD SALSA VOLUME 3 - Content

This volume contains a dynamic routine composed of seductive moves that will enhance all levels of salsa dancing.
22 easy-to follow turn patterns are orchestrated in a vibrant routine. Every step is broken down - Showing the manís and ladies styling and timing.

This DVD begins with intermediate turn patterns and slowly demonstrates man and lady footwork then gradually leads the students into more advanced and sophisticated moves.

Volume 3 is a great tool that not only teaches you how to dance SALSA well; but will also let you have fun, gain poise, and confidence

Lessons are taught in english. It is a valuable guide.
you are already dancing with the best dancers around you.

LEVEL 3   
Choreography only in video file..US 5.99 Download  
Breakdown only in video file..... US 6.99 Download  
Choreography + Breakdown.....US10.99 Download  
All in a digitally mastered DVD - US19.99 + S&H By Mail

Level  3
Fast and Easy
with Tony and Christelle


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