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Hot Latin Dance teaches you salsa now via
The Auditory Tutor
Ear Training-  Your First Step in next world
                           The Auditory Tutor CD - Content

EAR TRAINING - program
Step Into the Next World.

You can't dance to the rhythm if you can't hear it.

If you are confused by salsa music, don't feel bad. Most people find learning rhythm difficult, and there are many fantastic dancers who had to struggle for months to get their rhythm right. There is nothing wrong with you! You can do it!
This ear training program will sharpen your ear. You will no longer listen to music the same way.

Basics Salsa Steps and turns      
MUSIC AND RHYTHM - Counting      
BASIC SALSA STEPS AND TURNS - Detail techniques and execution.      
THE BASIC TURN-PATTERNS - Most popular figures on the dance floor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This CD teaches you how to dance step-by-step.
The Auditory Tutor   
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Ear training program